Autoship Prices

What is Auto-Ship?

Auto-Ship means that instead of individually placing an order each month, you can have an order shipped automatically to your house each month. You can then be assured that you will not be without them for any amount of time.

What if I only want to try the products first?

Ordering on Auto-Ship is an easy way to save between 10 and 15% on your products even if you're only planning on purchasing the products once. You will have 30 days to decide whether you want to continue using the products and remain on Auto-Ship. You next delivery will arrive automatically. You can always return your next order or cancel Auto-Ship whenever you want. Ordering on Auto-Ship is an easy way to save money whether or not you wish to continue receiving the products

What are the advantages of ordering on Auto-Ship?

You will be able to save between 10 and 25% depending on quantities. It is very convenient to automatically receive your monthly supply of products at your door at the same time each month. What if you begin to feel healthy for the first time in as long as you can remember, or begin to experience great weight loss results, and end up forgetting to reorder your products before you run out? You will then have to decide to either pay the high cost of next day air, or live without Body Balance until your order is processed and shipped out and risk losing some of the results you are so excited about.

Can I switch products each month and still get the Auto-Ship price?

Yes. You can order a different product each month and still get the Auto-Ship price. You are under no obligation to order the same product each month to enjoy the discount. You can even skip a month or cancel the Auto-Ship all together if you are not completely satisfied with the product at no cost to you. To make any changes to your Auto-Ship order you must contact Life Force directly no less than 5 days prior to your next Auto-Ship date. (You will receive the toll-free customer service number with your first order.

Can I cancel my Auto-Ship?

Yes, to cancel your Auto-Ship, you must e-mail, fax or mail notice to Life Force International (the e-mail, fax number and mailing address will be included with your first order) stating that you would like to cancel your Auto-Ship. You must include your customer Pin Number (which you will receive with your first order). If you just want to skip receiving an order one month, you can simply call the Life Force customer service line (you will receive the toll-free number with your first order) and verbally request that they skip your Auto-Ship for that month. Whether you are canceling or skipping a month, the requests must be received by Life Force International 5 days before your Auto-Ship due date.

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